Techshowcase™ was conceived to meet the demand of the business traveler for high technology mobile electronics. These are people who otherwise may not have the opportunity to personally test sophisticated mobile devices before purchasing. In an age when every moment matters, Techshowcase stores will provide the business traveler the extraordinary opportunity to put airport dwell time to productive use.

Techshowcase patrons are greeted by our enthusiastic Technology Consultants. These are not your ordinary salespeople. They are intensively trained by each manufacturer on all of the sophisticated mobile electronics found in the store. In lieu of high pressure sales tactics, customers will enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which they are encouraged to try the products and ask questions. Techshowcase Technology Consultants are always ready to provide the confidence inspiring product knowledge to assist a customer with an educated purchase.

Techshowcase stores are designed to convey the atmosphere of a “please-touch” science museum; incorporating exhibits from the world’s leading mobile electronics manufacturers. Each exhibit occupies a branded and distinct “mini-store” within the greater Techshowcase store. Live technology demonstration units are mounted on elegant display fixtures, and beckon the passerby with the prospect of some dwell time “tech-play.” Because Techshowcase provides electronics manufacturers direct access to their target market, many new products will be launched at Techshowcase locations before other venues. This presents an unusual and rare opportunity to try the latest greatest gadgets first. Operated exclusively in airports, a visit to a Techshowcase store will not leave you with that “been-there-done-that” feeling. Because technology products have a notoriously short life cycle, care is taken to ensure the very latest models are in stock. Exhibits are frequently replaced or refreshed so patrons enjoy a new experience upon each visit

While our core customer is the business traveler seeking new ways to be productive while on the road, Techshowcase also accommodates non-business travelers seeking; mobile phone accessories, high-quality entertainment devices, stereo headphones, batteries, etc.



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